Home Remedies For Mole Removal

Effective Home Remedies For Mole Removal

Moles, which are also known as melanocytic naevi in the medical community is usually a benign (non-cancerous) skin lesion that may occur anywhere on the human body. They are dark brown or black in color and may appear alone or in a small cluster. Their texture differs from person to person. For some they are smooth, whereas for others they may be coarse to the touch. In some cases they lie flat against the skin, whereas in other cases they may be raised. Some even have hair growing from inside them whereas others don’t!

Home Remedies For Mole Removal
Home Remedies For Mole Removal

Apple Cider Vinegar:

A simple application of apple cider vinegar on the moles everyday can Easily remove the moles. Malic and tartaric acid aid in removing the moles but you have to be careful as it may cause a burning sensation.


Iodine is an effective ingredient to zap moles. Apply a drop of iodine on the mole directly, twice a day for a week or until the mole disappears. Make sure that the area around the mole is slathered with petroleum jelly for extra protection. The regular application will flake off the mole. Do not ingest iodine as it is toxic in nature and can cause severe health conditions. If you experience a burning sensation, discontinue using iodine.


Crush a clove of garlic to make a paste. Apply it on the mole and leave it overnight, wrapped in a cotton cloth. Do this several times a day for 3 weeks for best results. The continual usage will provide you with quick results. The application of garlic paste can lead to scab formation. Do not disturb the scab formation with your hands.


Take a medium-sized grapefruit and squeeze to extract its juice. Apply the juice on the mole several times a day for a few weeks. This method will surely help you get rid of the mole. Grapefruit seed extract is also known to get rid of moles.


Take a small slice of pineapple and rub it on the mole for several minutes. Pineapple contains high levels of citric acid that can dissolve the mole. Do this several times a day. The application of pineapple juice will weaken the mole and will make it disappear completely from the skin.

Sour Apple juice:

Moles, as a known fact can be easily removed with the help of acids especially the citric acid available in sour fruits like green apple, orange or lemon. These fruit juice can be applied over the moles. However, it is better not to use this solution for more than 3 weeks continuously.

Bloodroot Paste:

Moles can be naturally removed by applying the extract of blood route herb. But, it requires lots of care as the blood route herb directly attacks the tissues of the skin. So consult an expert before applying this mixture.


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