Herbal Supplements for Weight Gain

Can Herbal Supplements Help You Gain Weight?

Weight gain supplements help suit the earthy nature of human beings of wanting an edge in everything including weight gain. Weight gain supplements quantify the weight gain plan by promising an easier and quick achievement of goals. Weight gain supplements advertise a quick building of muscles for those who, otherwise, have a hard time putting on weight. The manufacturers assert the importance of weight gain supplements especially for athletes to help them perform better and gain a competitive edge. There are varieties of weight gain supplements, but it is important for one to understand the importance of knowing their pros and cons.

Herbal Supplements for Weight Gain
Herbal Supplements for Weight Gain


It is very effective herb for gaining the weight. This herb is bitter, and benefits of bitter herb are that it has ability in stimulating the appetite and also increase the production of saliva. The root of the gentian has been generally used to cure loss of appetite and dyspepsia. It is very helpful for the body to absorb food more efficiently. It also helps in raising the gastric secretions, bile flow and appetite.

Chen pi:

It is a dried citrus peel supplement which is very effective for the digestive system. It is helpful in curing the dyspepsia and also acts as relaxant. This herbal supplement is also very effective in increasing the body’s natural gastric secretions and it is helpful in regulating the appetite. It also provides relief from the painful abdominal distention. Which automatically leads to gain weight.

Dandelion root:

It is very effective herb which is commonly used by the women for increasing the appetite and trigger in weight gain. This herb is usually preferred to the pregnant women, in order to stimulate the appetite. It is rich of some of beneficial nutrients which help in putting some mass on the body.

Blessed thistle:

It is very effective herbal bitter tonic supplement. Bitter tonic generally used in raising the appetite and aid digestion. Blessed thistle is very beneficial for people helps in gaining the weight and help to eat huge amounts of foods. It is also very effective in providing the relief from the symptoms that cause cold, bacterial infections and diarrhea.


It is very effective herbal remedy for weight gain. It is also helpful in increase the appetite. Consuming this on the daily basis one can definitely increase appetite which automatically leads to gain weight.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is quite well known to aid the process of digestion and also induces more saliva in the mouth which results in hunger pangs. This also adds fat and lipids to the tissues and is a good tonic for circulatory problems. Aloe Vera juice is also good for your hair as it strengthens the hair roots and follicles.


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