Family Camping Trip IdeasFamily Camping Trip Ideas

Planning A Family Camping Trip: Some Easy Steps

For many families, the arrival of summer means road trips, camping, and quality time – but just because the kids are on a trip doesn’t mean that family vacations, particularly camping, can’t be fun and educational. In fact, camping can be a great way to educate young people on things that may be left out of classroom learning.

If you’re planning a family camping trip and want to include some learning on your vacation, consider the following five ways that you can sneak education into your trip in fun and engaging ways:

Family Camping Trip IdeasFamily Camping Trip Ideas
Family Camping Trip Ideas

Planning a Camping Trip

Planning camping trips with family or even friends for that matter must be done in such a manner that it is practical, hassle-free and fun, all at the same time. Here are some of the things that would have to be considered while planning your camping trip.

Choose the Camping Destination Wisely

The first of many things that needs to be thought of when planning your camping trip is fixing the camping destination. A good way to begin would be by choosing a spot that hasn’t been visited by you in the past. While you definitely feel a great sense of familiarity when going to a place you know well, a spot like that also tends to miss the element of that much required surprise and adventure. The part that should make up for your camping trip as being fun is that very element. What also matters greatly is details such as proximity to bathrooms, etc., especially if you are with little ones and will be in frequent need of using them due to the kids.

Camping Trip Preparation

Make a list of everything you intend to take. Discuss this list with all participants and mentally walk through all the activities of each activity around the trip. Be certain everything you will require is on this list. Next escape the gear and do an inspection to make sure there has not been damage since it’s last use. It’s a good idea to test stoves, lanterns and so on to make sure they still work. If it’s battery powered, check the batteries and ensure you have a backup set of batteries. If you haven’t used the tent in a while, it may be a good idea to set it up and ensure the material has not deteriorated while in storage. A first aid kit ought to be on every camper’s list. Make sure that it is complete for emergencies you might encounter.

Plan Fun Activities for All

If it’s just you and your kids, there’s not much that you would have to plan for, but if it is about a larger crowd than that, you would have to ensure that there is something fun for everyone to do. A large open space like a playground is a great idea to work with if you are outnumbered by kids. Lots of open space is perfect when you want to do something as simple as letting your kids ride their bicycles or maybe even playing some badminton or the likes. Most adults would normally opt for activities such as fishing, horse-back riding, volleyball, etc. Other activities that one could choose from are ones that could be played around the camp fire. A few such games are charades, random guessing games, complete the story, etc. Remember, the fact that there are kids, it has to stay decent. If you are with a bunch of friends (adults only), you could also opt for games like twister, spin the bottle, or anything that allows you to go crazy.


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