Kitchen Window Curtains

How to Select the Right Kitchen Window Curtains

Curtains in the kitchen are an integral part of the decor of a kitchen and you can have fun choosing a curtain
style and design for your kitchen. Whether you are fully Remodeling your kitchen or just want to change the
window treatment to give your kitchen a new look, there are many curtains ideas for you to choose from. The type
and style of kitchen window treatment depends a great deal on the kind of kitchen you have. A rustic or
country-style kitchen will require a different type of curtain from a modern and minimalistic kitchen. So, you
have to keep all these things in mind while designing or selecting curtains for your kitchen.

Choosing Colours for Kitchen Curtains and Roman Blinds

Kitchen Window Curtains
Kitchen Window Curtains

The colour of your kitchen curtains or kitchen roman blinds will depend on the shade of your current kitchen walls, cupboards and accessories. If your kitchen is a neutral shade for instance you can go to town on bright, vibrant curtains for a modern look with matching accents such as the same colour of fruit bowl, trays, tea towels, napkins, table cloth, kettle etc. Orange and yellow are particularly good colours for kitchens, which should be bright and cheery places anyway we feel here at Curtains Made Simple. Alternatively you could head for vintage fabric to maintain a toned down and countrified look to the room.

Buy Washable Curtains for Your Kitchen

The kitchen, probably more than any other room in your home, will contain odours and steam which will inevitable
stick to your curtains. As a result you’re going to have to wash your kitchen curtains or Roman blind on a
regular basis so it makes sense to buy a fabric that’s easy to wash and care for. Thankfully that’s not difficult
these days as many can be thrown directly into the washing machine rather than having to be dry cleaned or hand

Ideas for Kitchen Curtains

Many people opt for vertical blinds or shades for their kitchen windows, but if you do not want to use them and
are looking for cheap kitchen window treatment ideas, then you can use curtains. There are many different styles
of curtains that look good in a kitchen and your choice will also depend to a large extend on where the window is

Cafe Curtains

For a rustic kitchen, the best kitchen curtains would be cafe curtains in a bright shade and a nice pattern. A
cafe curtain covers only the lower half of the window and the upper half is left open. This allows you to watch
people or the scenery from the top half of the window and at the same time conceal what you are working on in the
kitchen. Usually a valance or cornice is installed at the top portion of the window to create a more cozy look.

Sheer Curtains

For a Modern kitchen which is all fitted with steel and chrome, you need contemporary kitchen curtains. One of
the best curtain ideas for such a kitchen is to opt for sheers, nets or voile materials. They are translucent
fabrics that allow diffused light to enter the kitchen. You can have full-length sheer curtains or mid-length
sheer curtains in a color and pattern of your choice.

Tab Top Curtains

If you need more privacy (from nosey neighbors), then of course sheers or net curtains won’t work for you. Your
best option in that case is to purchase full length ready-to-hang, tab top curtains. However, you can jazz these
plain curtains by using stencils and acrylic paint colors to create different patterns. A light-colored curtain
in white, pale blue and yellow looks best in a modern kitchen, although you have to make sure that you regularly
clean them as any dust and stains will show up quickly.


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