homemade Mother's Day gifts

Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2016

Mother’s Day is the occasion to make your mother feel special. This day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year to pay homage to the unconditional love of mothers. So have you started thinking about ways to make this day different? If not, it’s not late! Gifts will always have its special place when we want to show someone how much we love and appreciate them.

Homemade Mother’s Day gifts are always a hit. Whether it is the construction paper artwork of a small child or a handicraft made by an older one, moms love handmade gifts. This is a guide about homemade Mother’s Day gifts.

homemade Mother's Day gifts
homemade Mother’s Day gifts

Homemade Bracelet

Another project suitable for project undertakers of all ages, crafting a homemade bracelet for mom shows her how much her family loves and adores her on Mother’s Day and every other day of the year. Cut a piece of satin or wide grosgrain ribbon approximately 8 inches in length and gather together a variety of acrylic craft beads of all shapes, colors, and sizes. To add extra flair use larger beads on each end to act as anchors and alternate small, large, and oddly shaped beads in the middle for eye-catching variety and a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Homemade Candles

Discover the artist in you to make homemade candles or decorate store-bought candles for a really beautiful gift on Mother’s Day. The decorations include adding other accessories to the candles, or beautifying them with embellishments or spray painting the candles and so on. The hand crafted gift of candles will take a centre stage among all other decoratives in your home.

Favorite Cake or Cupcakes

A delightful treat that is sure to please, baking Mom her favorite cake or a batch of cupcakes shows the gift giver’s creativity while also giving her a sweet finish to her special day. Using boxed mix or a special homemade recipe, thoroughly mix the cake batter until no lumps remain and carefully pour it into a greased and floured cake pan or deep welled cupcake tray. Gently tap the bottom of the pan on the counter to release any trapped air bubbles and pop the soon-to-be treats into a preheated oven until they are baked to perfection. To decorate, spread a generous amount of frosting over the top of the cake or cupcakes and add a sprinkling of colored sugar or sprinkles in Mom’s favorite color.

Scrapbook for Your Mother

One of the most creative and thoughtful gifts is a scrapbook. It is also an unusual yet practical Mother’s Day gifts. It all depends on the ideas that one brings the basic concept of scrap booking. The first step in making a scrapbook for your mother is deciding on a theme. Once that is decided, the next step is arranging for the materials that would go in to making this idea a success. These are, in no particular order, photographs, thoughts, poems or anecdotes, decorative things like glitter, coloured paper and the album or frame in which the scrapbook would take shape.

A Delicious Mother’s Day Celebration

Bake a delicious cake for her on Mother’s Day. Make sure to decorate it nicely and write your message on it.Organise a Mother’s Day party or get-to-gether for her. This can be done easily with a little planning and effort. You can prepare the meal or take someones help in doing so. Be careful about the atmosphere as much as the food and the setting.


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