Top 5 Halloween Party Games for Toddlers

Halloween parties are always looked forward to. We start planning them months ahead of time and preparations still take toll upon us till the very last minute. There are plenty of things we have to take care of the meals, the games, the costumes, and also the decorations, to just name a few. To make your task a little easier, we have listed the best Halloween games for you in this article. With these, you can make your party an immediate hit.

Halloween Party Games for Toddlers
Halloween Party Games for Toddlers

Bean Bag Toss

For children bean bag tosses are great fun. They’re simple for you to assemble and cost nothing. To create this toss fit for Halloween try painting a massive jack-o-lantern on a big box. The kids can score points by tossing their beanbags through the eyes nose and mouth. Posess zero box Try tossing bean bags into trick or treating buckets, or witch’s cauldrons or actual pumpkin tops.

Halloween Freeze Tag

All of the players must be in Halloween costumes. The adults have to randomly choose one child to tag another children. This child will touch another children and say ‘freeze’. As he does this, that particular child must stand still. Other children can touch the frozen child and unfreeze him, only and just if they can guess the costume he’s wearing. Each child gets five minutes to freeze as many children as you possibly can. The child that has the most quantity of children frozen at the end of five minutes, wins.

Pumpkin Bowling

Bowling games are certain to set the tone for your toddler’s Halloween party. Bowling pins can be simply made in your own home using empty milk cartons or bottles. You are able to paint them white and draw friendly ghost faces on all of them. The same pumpkin balls in passing the pumpkin game can be used for bowling. Instruct the little guests to bowl inside the ghosts. Let the kids alternate for attempting a strike.

Witch Hunt

Witch hunting game is a perfect way to kick start your toddler’s Halloween party. Before starting the game, you need to make witch faces from the black colored paper and hide them at home or a room in which you is going to be playing this game. Allow the kids discover the hidden witch faces. People who collect the maximum number of witch faces will be the winner. For making a variation, you can include two or three colored witch faces to the lot for the next trial. The kids who got colored faces might be given special prizes.

Pin The Nose

Pin the nose is really a customized Halloween game that is just like pinning the tail with a cat. Get the image of a pumpkin and put it on the wall. Add mouth and eyes towards the pumpkin face. Cut out some shapes to make the nose and add a little bit of tape on its back. Allow the kids play one at a time. Blindfold the player and hand out the nose being pinned on the pumpkin face.


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