Short Valentines Day Poems

Enjoy this beautiful and romantic collection of Valentine’s Day Poems! To the touch your beloved’s heart memorize an adorable Valentine Day Poetry and express it while holding hands and searching deep into his/her eyes. In the event that sounds a little tough pages and use a touchy verse in the card you will probably have got for your Valentine.

Short Valentines Day Poems
Short Valentines Day Poems

When you have composed a special Poem for Valentine’s Day and would like to share it with the world, do send your poem to all of us and we will carry it along with your name.

Here are some free Valentines poems to get you started:

Valentine Poems on her: Send a charming verse for your wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes short valentine poems with only a rhyming couplet or two would be the most meaningful. And don’t your investment power of the haiku!

Once upon a time, I fell deeply in love with you.
And then one day both of us said “I do.”
You are my joy and my light,
Despite the fact that I’ll never say it quite right,
I’m yours, for always and forever.

I kiss you today
and eat the Spring from your
cherry blossom love.

Valentine Poems for Him: For Valentines poems for him, tell the storyline of your first date in rhyming phrases or begin each line having a letter of his first name.

You’re sweet, you are kind
I’m so glad to you mine.
You are handsome, you’re tall
You’re the best boyfriend of all.
Now I just want to say,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hold my little hand,
underneath the velvet midnight.
I will dream of you.


2 thoughts on “Short Valentines Day Poems

  1. i love this poem….. I hope to find more useful blog posts here that will expand my knowledge. Thanks a lot for putting this up.

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